The Sundance Heritage

Preserving Tradition

The oldest stories of Pinedale revolve around the Green River Rendezvous. This annual event started in the 1830’s. Mountain Men and Native Americans came from miles away and gathered below the Green River to trade items such as guns, pelts, spices, and jewelry. The Rendezvous was a time for gathering new supplies, enjoying the glorious summer months, spending time with friends old and new, and finding peace in nature.

Revered in 1952

The Sundance Motel was built in 1952. Due to its ideal location, humble yet cozy rooms, and stalwart, local owners it has withstood the test of time through many boom and bust cycles. Pinedale, Wyoming is a hard place to live let alone run a business. It is in the least populated county, in the least populated state. The climate is harsh and it’s the furthest town away from any railroad (the closest being Rock Springs, Wyoming 100 miles away) thus, the cost of living is high. However, the trail blazing grit that the town was founded on has stood true with the Sundance.



Recently purchased by the Harber family, the motel mission continues to acknowledge the rich history that the brick and mortar stands for and is integrating the same mission and values once held by those who met on this common ground, but in modern day. 

When owners Jeff and Hailey Harber purchased The Sundance they wanted to recapture the essence of the Rendezvous and implement it into every fiber of the motel. The Sundance has cozy, clean rooms, and a beautiful lobby great for mingling and relaxing by the fireplace.

Our original sign is just as much a part of our heritage as our history

The Motel is located right on the main drag. The perfect place to enjoy all that the unique, small town has to offer. It is within walking distance to local parks, restaurants, and bars. It is only minutes away from the majestic scenery of Fremont Lake and a 15-minute drive to the Elk Heart Park trailhead (the gateway to the Wind River Mountains). When you stay at the Sundance we want you to find rest for your soul, meet new friends or reconnect with old, and enjoy all the outdoor beauty that Wyoming has to offer.

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